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Who is it?

MakeProfit ® is a smart automated trading robot that allows you to earn cryptocurrency

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You can just launch a trading bot and go about your business: relax, walk and have fun. MakeProfit ® will do all the work for you, and you just get your profit. The robot "Vasily" will open and close transactions on the exchange, you just need to monitor your balance.


You can choose a ready-made tariff or create an individual tariff.


You can run multiple bots at once, for yourself and your friends.


The minimum yield of the trading robot is 0.5% per day.

Invite your friends

You will receive 15% of your friends' paid Commission.

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Analyze your profit

Thanks to the eco-system MakeProfit ®, you can analyze your income and the income of your friends. Launch and watch.

Perfection of the system

We use the most powerful servers for faster transactions. We are always online.

The system processes over 100,000 transactions per minute. Uninterrupted revenue for our clients is our concern.

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MakeProfit ® this is an eco-system

The trading robot uses the API of popular crypto exchanges based on its time-tested private indicators. There should be no "trust management" in our time, because this is a pure deception of the client. Thanks to our rates, you can launch a strategy and live in peace with stability, and for advanced users, we have made individual settings where the client first receives income, and then pays us a Commission.


Technical specialist
Developers of indicators
Market managers
Experienced trader


EMA indicators
RSI indicators
Pivot points
Pattern indicators


Individual setting
Prepared settings
Recommended setting
Payment after profit


Profit from deals
Profit from sales
Profit from referrals
Calculation of funding
Trade Binance Spot & Futures

The project should be transparent and no fraud, only trading using API keys without "trust management", we do not need other people's money

  • creating liquidity on the exchange
  • only live cryptocurrency purchases
  • there are no risks if the recommendations are followed
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This is not a soap bubble.

We collect all data about current cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange, pass through all our indicators and send signals to our clients' bots.

Choose a pricing plan
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You will earn. Always.

"We created a tool that allowed us to reach 100% of the result for making a profit and increasing the Deposit. Run your config and everything will work out."

MakeProfit – creator
$59/ site
  • 1 end product
  • Use for personal or a client
  • Use in a free end product
  • 6 months technical support
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$390/ site
  • 1 end product
  • Use for personal or a client
  • Use in a free end product
  • Use in an end product that is “sold”
  • 6 months technical support
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